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With the tongue-in-cheek cynicism of The Ramones and the vibrant, colorful energy of Rage Against the Machine, Lust Control are back with a “decidedly more metallic” album. In addition to their maturation as a unit, The bands new approach promises to be just as intense and lacerating as the rollicking riots of tracks the act released in the eighties. To put it simply, while the band might be taking a newer approach, they still hold true to their commitment to bring the most energetic and intense music possible to the listener

Rip-roaring riffs, pummeling, punishing percussion, abrasive intense vocals and—you guessed it—sex, sex, sex, Lust Control are back, and busting heads at the top of their game. Ready to usher in their reunion with an album that provides a revolutionary, rambunctious listening experience sure to bring back headbangs reminiscent of the listener’s youth with a new, well-aged edge.