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The time has come for a wake-up call, coming in the form of South African Christian metal act Forfeit Thee Untrue. Drawing from an unbelievable spectrum of metallic styles—including contemporary metalcore, sludgy doom metal and traditional death metal—Forfeit Thee Untrue wield a sprawling arsenal of metallic weaponry with which to combat contemporary complacency, annihilating the false and fake in an effort to striving for the real in every aspect of life.

Forfeit Thee Untrue's debut full-length album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam was recorded with producer Clinton Watts (2014 South African Metal Producer of the Year). 2014 and 2015 saw Forfeit Thee Untrue diligently writing and recording material for their breakout album—taking time to carefully and creatively meld metals with the skill of a practiced alchemist. Using brash, brutalizing heaviness contrasted against chilling calm, Forfeit Thee Untrue are a rebellious, riotous force for Christ, using a unique lyrical approach to ensnare listeners around the world.

Forfeit Thee Untrue are a band determined to spread their influence and message to every corner and crevice of the globe.


1) Let There Be Light
2) The Mirror That Hates
3) Seven (Part I)
4) Fractured god (feat. Robyn Ferguson)
5) Sermon Of A Dying Atheist
6) Burning Of The Last Bible
7) Lucifer's Lullaby
8) As The Wicked Wander (feat. Brandon Pratt)
9) Cradled In Black Arms
10) The Dagger Held By Mary
11) Black & White (In A World Of Grey)
12) Seven (Part II) (feat. Ryan Kirby)
13) As The Wicked Wander (Alt. Version)
14) Black & White (In A World Of Grey) (Radio Edit)