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Brazilian metal masters, Doomsday Hymn unleash their first full length cd "Mene Tequel Ufarsim" to the world. This release also includes their previously released e.p.

The end of days is soon to be upon us--skies blacken and lightning crashes, cracking deep gashes in the earth's firmament. Before long, the planet's core is exposed and the day of reckoning rears its head--all brought about by the aptly named hybrid metal act from Parana, Brazil, Doomsday Hymn. Influenced by everything from 80's power and speed metal to modern, groove-friendly metalcore, Doomsday Hymn are a crushing quintet well versed in the ways of all things metal. Boasting an impressive live performance history and an intense debut EP, Doomsday Hymn are a hair-raising, hectic display of comprehensive metallic prowess, bold and brutalizing enough to bring about true Armageddon.

Founded in 2012 by ex-vocalist of Delohim, Gil Lopes and ex-Survive member Jarlisson Jaty, Doomsday Hymn was designed with a simple--yet ambitious--goal: to bring together styles of metal both traditional and modern in an attempt to renovate a stale sound. Doomsday Hymn immediately based their sound on a combination of riff-friendly guitar work and intense, driving vocals a la 80's death and power metal, combined with visceral, low grooves borrowed from modern metalcore. The band's intense amalgam of aggressive music first saw the light of day in May of 2013, at a concert in Brazil--and their performance was moving enough to motivate guitarist Karim Serri of Seven Angels to join the band, adding another aspect to Doomsday Hymn's dynamic. With Serri on board, 2013 saw the band expanding their live performance to many local cities, as well as the release of their debut three track self-titled EP. Well-received as their EP was, the band's thirst for expansion of their sound and ability to bring their unique mash-up of metallic styles to their fans required the addition of two more members. After a turbulent line-up change, the band's roster was solidified in mid-2014 with the addition of guitarist Angelo Torquetto and bassist Allan Pavani. Since then, Doomsday Hymn have been hard at work writing and recording their debut full-length album, Mene Tequel Ufarism--a testament to their expansive influences and expert musicianship.

Since the day of their inception, Doomsday Hymn have only grown in size, ferocity and ambition. What started as a simple attempt at an unorthodox style of music has matured into a full-blown band, determined to use their immense style and unquenchable thirst for live performance to deliver doom to metal heads around the earth.